How to change Activities file upload and type limits

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Problem Description

Problem 1: A user tries to upload a file and gets error “The file ‘<filename>’ could not be uploaded because it is larger than the maximum allowed file size of 0 MB.” although the maximum allowed file size is 10 MB or larger.
Cause: the file extension is amongst the restricted extensions for Activities (e.g. batch files or executable files)
Solution: give the file extension a larger upload limit.

Problem 2:A user needs to upload a file which is larger than the maximum allowed file size (default: 10 MB).
Solution: give the wildcard file extension a larger upload limit

Solution with Websphere Commandline Interface

Search the HCL Connections documentation for the steps to solve your problem.

  1. Start the wsadmin commandline interface as administrator. ATTENTION: All commands for the commandline interface are case sensitive!
  2. Activate the relevant Jython script.
  3. Check out the relevant HCL Connections configuration XML file.
  4. Open the HCL Connections configuration XML file and edit the parameters. ATTENTION: Make sure you don’t accidentally violate the XML schema, e.g. by forgetting to close a tag or a quotation mark.
  5. Check in the configuration file again.

Solution with Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT)

Navigate to Administration – Activities, subsection Restrictions. All current upload restrictions are displayed and can be modified from there:

There is no need to conform to regular expressions for the extensions because CAT takes care of performing the proper conversion. After editing the parameters, a confirmation popup summarizes the changes and allows you to enter a comment. All changes, comments, and who made them, are logged by the CAT application. After the changes have been saved successfully, we give you helpful tips that come from our long-time experience:

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