How to view the effective member list of a Community with groups

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Problem Description

Connections allows to add LDAP user groups to communities. To see the effective member list of a Community, the group members need to be viewed.

Solution with HCL Connections provided tools

HCL Connections does not provide such a functionality. The group members needs to be fetched manually either via the ISC (Integrated Solutions Console) or directly from the LDAP. Then, every group member needs to be checked whether they are HCL Connections users.

Solution with Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT)

Navigate to Content And Access – Communities. Use the filters to search for the community you are interested in.

Click on the magnifying glass to view the details. In the tab “Members”, the LDAP groups are marked by the “(view group members)” link. Click the link to see all HCL Connections users which are members of that group.

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