How to replace a file owner

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Problem Description

A user leaves the company. Another user should be made owner of his stand-alone files.

Solution with HCL Connections privded tools

HCL Connections does not provide such a functionality.

Solution with Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT)

Navigate to Content and Access – Files and filter for the user whose files you want to reassign. Use Replace Owner.

You will be notified of all community files in your selection, since their ownership cannot be replaced. With ‘OK’, you will see all stand-alone files whose owner you are about to replace. In the text-box, use the type-ahead to select the new owner.

Attention: Only users who have already visited the Files application once can be found with the typeahead and used as the new file owner!

A confirmation popup summarizes the changes and allows you to enter a comment. All changes, comments, and who made them, are logged by the CAT application.

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