How to do a quick scheduler health check

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Problem Description

Healthy schedulers are an intrinsic part of a healthy Connections system. A scheduler health check should be performed every now and then for monitoring purposes, and of course in cases of troubleshooting Connections problems.

Solution with Websphere Commandline Interface

There is no solution provided by Connections to check the health of all schedulers. Scheduler health checks can only be performed on a single scheduler at a time by calling the getDetails-method of the responsible Connections administration MBean.

  1. Search the HCL Connections documentation for the steps to solve your problem.
  2. Start the wsadmin commandline interface as administrator. ATTENTION: All commands for the commandline interface are case sensitive!
  3. Activate the relevant Jython script.
  4. Perform the getDetails for every single scheduler in the feature

Connections has more than 40 schedulers.

Solution with Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT)

Navigate to Administration – General, subsection Schedulers. There, you can see a list of all scheduled tasks which are currently running, ordered by Connections features. The view checks the scheduler status directly in the scheduler container of the Websphere Application Server on every node. The check is NOT performed by using the Connections administration MBeans. This is done so that in case of problems, the unavailability of a scheduler is not clouded by a potential unavailability of a Connections administration MBean.

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