How to check your directory for user profiles with problems

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Problem Description

Users don’t always report when they cannot log in to Connections. Instead of only reacting when users complain, all user profiles should be checked proactively whether they contain known problems like different GUIDs, invalid login values, or a different UID.

Solution with HCL Connections provided tools

It isn’t possible to check all profiles. Every profile needs to be checked individually for every single problem. This can be done with wsadmin commands:

  1. Search the HCLConnections documentation for the steps to solve your problem.
  2. Start the wsadmin commandline interface as administrator. ATTENTION: All commands for the commandline interface are case sensitive!
  3. Activate the relevant Jython script.
  4. Perform the relevant Jython commands.

Checking a single profile for all the problems mentioned above takes about 10-15 different wsadmin commands.

Solution with Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT)

Navigate to User Management — Broken Profiles.

Use Start New Check to configure how you want to check your profiles:

Afterwards, the Profiles check will run in the background so that you can work with CAT just as you are used to. Clicking ‘Refresh’ will show you the current status and all broken profiles that have been found to date.

When clicking the details-icon next to the user, you can inspect the user for what is wrong with the profile, and use the provided functions to correct the profile.

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