How to view the entire content by a user that has left the company

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Problem Description

A Connections user has left the company, but created content (A ctivities, Blogs, Bookmarks, …) in Connections. This results in orphaned content when there are no other owners set. Or it may result in content which is entirely unreachable for other Connections users because it is private content. Superfluous content should be deleted; orphaned content should be either deleted or managed so that there are other owners once again.

Solution with Websphere Commandline Interface

There is currently no way to display the entire content across several features of a single user. Instead, the content needs to be filtered for every feature individually by using the MBean search methods. For every feature, multi-level jython commands are needed to solve the problem. First, the member / owner UUID(s) need to be found, and then the search methods called with the correct filter. Member / owner UUIDs cannot be copied across features because they are unique in every feature.

For every feature, you need to perform following actions:

  1. Search the HCL Connections documentation for the steps to solve your problem.
  2. Start the wsadmin commandline interface as administrator. ATTENTION: All commands for the commandline interface are case sensitive!
  3. Activate the relevant Jython script.
  4. Perform the relevant Jython commands.

Solution with Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT)

Navigate to Content – Manage – User Data. There, you can filter for the Connections user that has left the company.

The content is sorted by feature; you can then view details of the content (click on the magnifier icon in the content table), decide whether to keep it, delete it, or consider it for additional member management.

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