Tracking and protocolling changes made to HCL Connections configuration

CAT Features

Problem Description

There are many places where the HCL Connections configuration can be modified. An overview of which parameters have been adjusted and by whom is essential.

Solution with HCL Connections provided tools

There is no default way to log changes. Changes made via the wsadmin console are logged partly in the DMGR-log, partly in the server log of the server where the module is installed. Changes to the XML configuration files aren’t logged at all

Solution with Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT)

CAT logs any and all changes performed by CAT users. In the Logs views, which you can reach by clicking the ‘Logs’ button in the header menu next to the logged-in user, it is easy to list all actions, filter for keywords, and get an overview of all configuration changes.

All actions in CAT grant an opportunity to enter a comment as to the reason why the action was performed. The comment can be viewed simply by clicking on the details-icon of the log entry:


Other CAT Features