CAT – Connections Administration Toolkit

for HCL Connections

Simplify the administration of HCL Connections (formerly IBM Connections) with this easy to install and easy to use web interface tool. Complex multilevel administration commands can be done with just a single click, even by administrators without WebSphere background. Easily accelerate and automate administrative tasks and enhance the maintenance tasks for HCL Connections. Benefit from extremely lowered effort for training and maintenance.

Simplify and Improve HCL Connections Administration and Content Management

The Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT) eliminates the complexity of HCL Connections administration and content management. It is an easy to install and easy to use web interface tool even from any mobile device. Mastering HCL Connections administration and content becomes a breeze with CAT, even for non-technical users.

CAT Features

  • Copy, merge, import, and export content
  • Drill-down of LDAP groups assigned to communities
  • Convert communities to subcommunities and vice versa
  • Create and assign file quotas
  • List a user’s related content on one page
  • Check your profiles for users with login issues
  • Analyze and fix user synchronization problems
  • Manage external users

CAT Benefits

  • Easy to use, easy to install
  • Unveils the hidden treasures of HCL Connections administration and configuration possibilities
  • Brings 1st and 2nd level capabilities to your organization and reduces response times
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • See all important information at a glance
  • Increased security through Run-As users and logging of all actions
  • Administration from mobile devices without remote desktop logins

Reduced complexity and simplify HCL Connections administration and maintenance

CAT offers HCL Connections administrators an intuitive and efficient way to solve all the complex tasks required to successfully administrate a Connections system. Simplicity: Complex multilevel commands are shortened down to simple GUI windows All in one: No need for the administrator to work directly with XML files or the wsadmin tool, everything can be done from within CAT No technology skills required: Both XML editing and the Jython script commands are done by CAT, the administrator doesn’t necessarily need to know either Safety: Several validity checks for performed changes to minimize the risk of demolishing your HCL Connections

New Release CAT_6.5.0_20201218-1453:

New Features
  • Convert external users to internal
  • Copy / Merge: Automatically add „Originally Posted By” for content of inactive users
  • Wikis Export in readable HTML format
  • Support for Connections 6.5
  • Export of Files and their versions
  • Add widget to all communities
  • GDPR anonymize: replace other Profiles columns like surnames, too
  • Backup Schedulers: No immediate start when CAT is started so that it doesn’t prevent the application startup
  • Export Members: fixed bug where export failed with more than 50 members
  • Copy / Merge / Import Forums: Fixed bug where answered topic became unanswered due to the chosen reply having a URL to replace
  • Copy / Import Community Events: Impersonation for the events
  • New Installation: fixed that SSL format gets displayed as TLSv1.2, but internally TLSv1 was used
  • Copy / Import Communities: Duplicate subfolders
  • Copy / Import Blogs: Pictures sometimes did not get copied with 401 messages
  • Import Forums: Fixed where zip-file could not be uploaded
  • Updated Connections documentation links
  • Searchbox: allow for whitespace
  • Administration – General – Notification (Events): fixed Bug where the view was not displayed correctly
  • Broken Profiles view not visible anymore
  • Missing images while importing into existing blog

More information and download

CAT Overview

List and Manage External Communities

Allow Internal Users to interact with External Users (assign Extended Profile)

List Files shared externally

List and Manage External Users


The new CAT release is fully compatible with Connections 6.0 CR2. It consists of several improvements to the copy / merge process and the backup process, introduces a customizable CAT title that can be configured for every environment, and helps fix homepage related user issues.


The new CAT-Release for Connections 6.0 and 5.5 is available now! Besides various bugfixes you are now able to schedule Communities backups, set ‘List when restricted’ property, display subcommunities in detail and export communities with all members and their roles!


Release for Connections 5.5, CAT can now access IBM Smartcloud. It contains various bugfixes, you can now view content from Connections Cloud and even copy communities from on premise to the cloud!


Release for Connections 6.0. It contains a host of bugfixes and some new features (for content and administration).


Releases for Connections 5.5 and Connections 5.0. New feature in both releases: member management, expanded merge functions for communities, wikis, forums and blogs


Releases for Connections 5.5 (first CAT release for the new Connections version) and Connections 5.0. New feature in both releases: import / export / copy / merge communities


Release for Connections 5.0: Communities widget management; various bugfixes

Release for Connections 4.5: Import/Export of wikis


Release for Connections 5.0. Content export / import feature; first write actions to Connections databases for converting internal communities to external ones and changing file ownership. New UI, support for Connections 5.0 CR3.


Release for Connections 5.0. Customizable list columns; impersonation for copying / merging content; editing File shares. Support for Connections 5.0 CR2


Release for Connections 4.5. Various bugfixes; Impersonation for copying / merging Wikis; editing File shares.


Release for Connections 4.5. Various bugfixes; Improved handling of Search - Run Background Indexing Task.


Release for Connections 5.0. New XML configuration files; Formbased authentication for REST calls. Support for Connections 5.0 CR1


First release for Connections 5.0.  Support for new Connections 5.0 features (external users, community soft-delete) and configuration properties

Content Access Rights


Administration and Configuration














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