– with natural language understanding

Relieve your employees with a Chatbot for HCL Connections!

Take some work off your IT department’s shoulders by introducing a chatbot with Natural Language Understanding. The chatbot handles the requirement reception and initial communication with the user and automatically transfers collected data into the ticket system of your company. This can automate internal ticket picking and relieve the burden on the IT department.

The chatbot acts as Digital Assistant to the IT department. For example, if a user wants to order new hardware or report a problem with their laptop, they do not need to pick up their phone or tediously write a mail. Instead, he can directly send a message in the chat. The chatbot then asks for all necessary information and creates a ticket with a complete set of data in the ticket management system.

With your input, we will develop a Chatbot perfectly suited to your requirements! Our experts have long-standing experience and offer you a customized solution for your individual situation.

Relieve the burden on your IT department with automated ticket reception and initial communication

The chatbot is a stand-alone application that can be connected to existing systems with the help of interfaces. The backend is based on Node.js. Existing applications (eg Slack, Skype, Watson Workspace) can be used as frontend. It is also possible to connect to the application through a website, HCL Connections or other intranet systems (e.g. HCL Connections search, ticket systems).

Chatbot Features

  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Interfaces to existing systems
  • Connection to common ticket management systems (for example Atlassian Jira, Redmine)
  • Automated retrieval of information using a chat window
  • Status query of tickets
  • Advanced features, such as B. Connection to HCL Connections search
  • Business Reports

Chatbot Benefits

  • Relieving the IT department
  • Automatic ticket creation
  • Initial query is made by the chatbot
  • Relevant information sent bundled to IT
Automated ticketing and first communication

The automated retrieval of information and subsequent ticket creation by the chatbot will permanently make your IT department’s work easier.


TIMETOACT is a uniquely positioned full spectrum provider for HCL Connections. TIMETOACT is a HCL Partner with major investment into assets, products and services for HCL Connections. TIMETOACT products for HCL Connections include the Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT) and the Web Content Management Extension (XCC), which was aquired by HCL and is now launched as the HCL Connections Engagement Center. Assets include the User Access Manager (UAM) for internal and external Connections users and the Employee Quick Start Kit. Services include an Admin Training Class ans private cloud hosting. Beyond its own products and services TIMETOACT consults, markets and implements leading products from other vendors such as Kudos from ISW or ProjExec from Trilog Group. TIMETOACT has more than 280 employees and it’s headquater is in Cologne, Germany.

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