Huddo Badges

Measure, Reward and Encourage User Adoption for HCL Connections

Huddo Badges (formerly Kudos Bages) can transform and accelerate organisations usage of HCL Connections (formerly IBM Connections) by encouraging users to leverage the full capability of social enterprise. Huddo Badges for HCL Connections is a flexible gamification engine for HCL Connections. By providing achievements and rewards (Huddo Badges), rank and leaderboards (Huddo Rank), simple next steps (Huddo Progress), and missions (Huddo Missions), organisations can dramatically improve their user engagement and adoption of HCL Connections.

In addition Huddo Badges is an extensible platform that can leverage game theory to provide performance management mechanics and reward systems for applications outside of HCL Connections such as HR, Sales Force Management, Help Desks, and many more.

When we first designed Huddo Badges we had three primary design goals:

1. Encourage both initial adoption and sustained long term usage.
2. Guide and educate users to leverage and adopt the full depth and breadth of HCL Connections capabilities.
3. Make Huddo Badges extensible so organisations can reward and recognise users for not only their work within Connections, but also from other enterprise applications.

We also recently added a 4th goal:

4. Increase user productivity thru clever design – This is what Huddo Boards is all about!!

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