HCL – GDPR compliant Connections & Domino Hosting

We are offering extensive HCL Know-How

In 2019 these seven IBM products had been passed over to HCL Technologies Ltd.:

  • Connections (workstream collaboration)
  • Notes & Domino (email / low-code rapid application development)
  • Portal (on-premise) (digital experience)
  • Commerce (on-premise) (omni-channel eCommerce)
  • AppScan (secure application development)
  • Unica (on-premise) (marketing automation)
  • BigFix (secure device management)

However, this does not complete the transition for users. The purchase of licenses, communication with the manufacturer, continuous support or operation of their platform must also be cleared and ensured for the future. In addition HCL announced that it would no longer support the former IBM Cloud for Connections and Notes/Domino from July 2020, new solutions had to be found for existing customers.

TIMETOACT is your reliable and flexible Managed Service Partners with extensive know-how and mature concepts that fit your needs. We can clarify all open questions quickly and easily. Even if you only plan to move into the cloud in the future. We rely on a long-term partnership with our customers and our partners. This is now the case for IBM, Microsoft or Atlassian, among others, and of course also for HCL.

We offer the following GDPR compliant operating modes:
  • Managed Services – the environment is on your premises and is professionally managed by us for you.
  • Private Cloud – comparable to Managed Services, but in a selected high-availability data center.
  • Partner-led Cloud – comparable to Private Cloud but a secure and centrally managed multi-tenant environment.


TIMETOACT is a uniquely positioned full spectrum provider for HCL Connections. TIMETOACT is a HCL Partner with major investment into assets, products and services for HCL Connections. TIMETOACT products for HCL Connections include the Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT) and the Web Content Management Extension (XCC), which was aquired by HCL and is now launched as the HCL Connections Engagement Center. Assets include the User Access Manager (UAM) for internal and external Connections users and the Employee Quick Start Kit. Services include an Admin Training Class ans private cloud hosting. Beyond its own products and services TIMETOACT consults, markets and implements leading products from other vendors such as Kudos from ISW or ProjExec from Trilog Group. TIMETOACT has more than 280 employees and it’s headquater is in Cologne, Germany.

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