HCL Connections Engagement Center

Integrate Internal Communication and Custom Applications into HCL Connections

The Digital Revolution has left the world transformed. That’s where the Digital Workplace Hub with the HCL Connections Engagement Center (previously known as XCC – Web Content & Custom Apps Extension for HCL Connections) comes into play. It is the engagement solution of the future, right here, right now. Thanks to our uniquely functional one-platform approach, it unites a company and boosts its efficiency in an unprecedented way. It provides the corporate office, management and workforce with a single user experience for all communications, as well as a state of the art enterprise social collaboration feature and the possibility of adding custom applications. All this runs at the office and on all mobile devices, so the entire workforce – from CEO to intern – can access this most valuable tool regardless of where they are, what their role is or what devices they prefer. It is also available as a Cloud or On-Premise solution.

Collaboration is the core of every organization. Collaboration should be at the core of every Intranet. That’s why the Digital Workplace Hub is built upon IBM Connections, the absolute market-leading enterprise social software platform, and the HCL Connections Engagement Center. The Digital Workplace Hub is unique in applying a Single Point of Truth (SPoT) to its inner workings: it has just one user interface and one single content storage for both internal communications and enterprise collaboration. Any solution using more than one content storage foregoes the benefits of a SPoT.

Your advantages with HCL Connections Engagement Center

Working with a SPoT eliminates the need to work with multiple platforms in order to achieve a digital workplace for a company. As such, the IDWH does not suffer from attention fragmentation by employees (who otherwise have to jump from platform to platform to get what they need, wasting time and energy, sometimes even working past each other in parallel systems), nor content fragmentation and overlap, nor redundancy, nor inconsistency. This keeps the entire system as lean and clean as possible. The data stays authentic, relevant and utterly referable whenever needed. Furthermore, a simplified IT means that the right content is written by the right people – the experts and department-employees closest to any given subject matter – and published in all the right places. No more need to ask Internal Communications to do all this, losing time and focus in the process.

The HCL Connections Engagement Center...

...increases HCL Connections adoption and ROI substantially
...improves Internal Communications
...improves Employees Intranet Experiences
...creates Simplicity for Authors
...reduces technical Complexity
...cuts costs for
...celerates Intranet Development

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08.2012 Release 1.0

  • IBM Connections 3.0

05.2013 Release 2.0 Beta (Limited Availability)

  • Connections 4.0 
  • Activity Stream on Homepage

10.-12.2013 Release 2.0, 2.01 - 2.03 (General Availability)

  • Connections 4.0 & 4.5 
  • Personalization Improvements & Bug fixes
  • Performance Increases
  • Personalization for Custom Profile Fields

01. & 02.2014 Release 3.0, 3.01 - 3.02

  • Improvements & Bug fixes
  • New Widgets
  • Mobile Grid Layout

03.2014 Release 4.0

  • Extended Page Management Capabilities
  • UI & Performance Improvements

04. & 05. 2014 Release 4.1 & 4.5

  • Atom & RSS Feed Widgets
  • List and Overview News Widgets
  • People Finder Widget
  • Backend & UI Performance
  • Breadcrum Path & Navigation
  • UI Enhancements
  • Multilingualism

08.2014 Release 5.0

  • IBM Connections 5 Support
  • Ideation-Blog Widget
  • Picture Widget
  • Import and Export of XCC page
  • XCC uses database to store your settings

10.2014 Release 6.0

  • Personalized Home Page
  • Forum Widget
  • People Selector Widget
  • Picture Slider in Embedded Experience
  • Stand-Alone Blogs and Wikis

12.2014   Release 7.0

  • Suggestions Widget
  • Profile Completion Widget
  • Intranet Preferences Widget
  • Popular Content Widget
  • Many more…

03.2015 Release 8.0 

  • XCC for IBM Connections Cloud
  • XCC for Communities
  • XCC for Anonymous Users
  • News Aggregation
  • News Slider
  • Navigation Widget
  • “Saved Search” Widget
  • Mobile Apps Improvements
  • Files Widget: Search Capability and Hide File Details
  • Widget Source Selection Improved
  • UI & Performance Improvements

07.2015 Release 9.0

  • XCC Cloud for IBM Connections Cloud
  • FlyOut Page
  • Custom Widgets API
  • Client-Side-Caching
  • Gallery Widget
  • Community Overview Widget
  • Profile Tagging Widget
  • Profile Picture Widget
  • Onboarding Wizard

12.2015 Release 10.0

  • Custom Grids
  • Access Restrictions for XCC Pages
  • Business Cards in XCC Pages
  • HTML Widget with Integrated Code Editor
  • Direct Edit for Customization Files
  • Clipping Widget
  • Community Description Widget
  • Pinned Files Widget
  • My Links Widget
  • Tag Cloud Widget

04.2016 Release 11.0

  • Enhanced Personalization / Personalization 2.0
  • Forms Widget Release 1.0
  • Media Gallery Widget with Video Support
  • Atom / RSS Widget with Rich Content and Personalization
  • XCC Admin Dashboard
  • Events Widget 2.0

10.2016 Release 12.0

  • Page Templating / Inheritance
  • Lock Functionality for Widgets
  • Restricted XCC Pages with Community Access
  • New Capabilities for IBM Connections Cloud
  • Localizable Widget Title
  • Full Responsive Layout

05.2017 Release 13.0

  • Content Creation with XCC
  • Community Members Widget
  • My Communities Widget
  • Autoplay for News Widgets
  • My Quicklinks Widget community selection
  • Admin Panel internationalization
  • Adminpreview

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