Lunch Roulette

for HCL Connections and HCL Connections Engagement Center

Connect with new colleagues via HCL Connections!

Randomly bring together employees from different departments of your company. With Lunch Roulette, the participants are assigned a partner with whom they can arrange to have lunch together. Employees thus have the opportunity to network and exchange information throughout the company. This also brings advantages for the onboarding process: new employees quickly get into contact with colleagues and can benefit both socially and professionally.

To participate, users log in to the Lunch Roulette. They select date, time and location and are assigned directly to a partner (matching). In addition, both partners receive an e-mail about the details of the match (e.g. profile of the partner including contact details). Afterwards, both can arrange to have lunch together.

Lunch Roulette will be integrated into HCL Connections and HCL Connections Engagement Center

Lunch Roulette is a web application that is integrated with HCL Connections Engagement Center (formerly IBM Connections Engagement Center, short ICEC) in HCL Connections (formerly IBM Connections). The application backend is implemented with Node.js. The database uses a MongoDB.

Lunch Roulette Features

  • Overview of all previous matches in list form with detail view
  • Selection of date, time, location, canteen
  • Calendar Export (Download a .ics file)
  • Adaptation to CI / CD
  • multilingualism

Lunch Roulette Benefits

  • Company-wide networking and exchange between employees
  • Increasing the transfer of knowledge explicitly also for new employees
  • Improved onboarding process (fast integration of new employees)

Promote a company-wide networking of your employees

The lunch roulette enables a company-wide exchange between employees, thereby sustainably promoting the transfer of knowledge. This has an important added value, especially for new employees – integration into the company and the onboarding process are faster and more optimal.


TIMETOACT is a uniquely positioned full spectrum provider for HCL Connections. TIMETOACT is a HCL Partner with major investment into assets, products and services for HCL Connections. TIMETOACT products for HCL Connections include the Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT) and the Web Content Management Extension (XCC), which was aquired by HCL and is now launched as the HCL Connections Engagement Center. Assets include the User Access Manager (UAM) for internal and external Connections users and the Employee Quick Start Kit. Services include an Admin Training Class ans private cloud hosting. Beyond its own products and services TIMETOACT consults, markets and implements leading products from other vendors such as Kudos from ISW or ProjExec from Trilog Group. TIMETOACT has more than 280 employees and it’s headquater is in Cologne, Germany.

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