OnTime® Group Calendar for HCL Connections

OnTime® Group calendar has always been focused around providing the best possible overview of availability and schedules for the users. Whereas this provides significant value for its users, it has always been a vision of ours to provide a group calendar that would allow users to do skills based searching, overviews and scheduling. With the introduction of HCL Connections this vision is truly materialising.

Matching talent to task

Calendar in Profiles

In addition to delivering directory style information for each user in the organisation, the HCL Connections Profiles capability provides valuable information about the skillset of each employee. Levering this information allows organisations to find expertise in much more effective ways than previously possible. The OnTime® for HCL Connections Profiles widget adds the awareness of availability and schedule to the Profiles capability.

The OnTime® for HCL Connections Profiles enriches each employee’s profile in HCL Connections with a view of this employee’s personal calendar. Anyone within the organisation, who has been granted access to see details of this employee’s schedule, can now immediately get a clear picture of the user’s availability by day.

This is a complimentary license that is available to all organisations with an OnTime® Group Calendar license with current maintenance.

Knowing what we as organisation can do and when we can do it

Communities in HCL Connections are a defined place for a group of like-minded people to work together on a defined topic.

If you need help to answer a question or work on a task in a specific area it makes sense to look for help from people with whom you share the interest or who are part of a community that focuses on your particular or associated topic. To us at OnTime® it therefore makes perfect sense to add additional functionality to the Communities capability to identify like-minded colleagues, who could be available to help.

Working from this idea we have developed two additional OnTime® capabilities for HCL Communities. Both OnTime® capabilities share the functionality that members of the community are automatically added to them when joining the community and removed when leaving.

As Communities in HCL Connections can have a large number of members both OnTime® capabilities allows for searching for specific names, filter by who the OnTime® user is connected to or in a network with.

Who is available for me now?

Sidebar app in Communities


First question could be “Who is available” to help you today? To help you find the answer we provide a sidebar widget that displays the percentage of the workday that is not already allocated in the user’s calendar. The calculation is based on an average workday of 8 hours. In addition the widget, using a green / red colour coding, shows whether the person is available at that particular moment.

Full scheduling in your project team

Group Calendar app in Communities


With the OnTime® Group Calendar it is always our ambition to provide our users with the best possible overview in a visually appealing style. Therefore there is obviously also a full blown OnTime® calendar for your HCL Connections Communities. As you would probably expect the calendar widget also allows you to zoom in on a day by clicking the date, schedule appointments, all day events and meetings that will be synchronised with your personal calendar in Domino.

Please remember that your Community administrator only has to decide to include the calendar in the Community – the everyday maintenance of which users are included happens automatically as users join and leave the community.

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