CxO Connect


for HCL Connections and HCL Connections Engagement Center

Improve communication between C-Level and employees!

Bring top management and employees in contact. The abbreviation CxO summarizes the entirety of “chief title”, whereby the “x” is to be understood as a placeholder for the respective position.

CxO Connect enables a direct communication channel between the Executive Board and employees and thus serves as a voice for the Executive Board members as well as the employees. The motto is: Even the smallest voice is heard. CxO Connect makes the management level more accessible. Employees have the opportunity to participate directly and communication with the board is simplified.

The users post in their own name or in the form of anonymous posts on the corresponding CxO Connect page. The users have the opportunity to rate and comment on posts. The top rated entries will then be forwarded to the addressees at the end of the month for answering.

In the comments, users have the opportunity to discuss. The published answers can then be further discussed. The users themselves decide by their voting which contributions are relevant and should be answered. In other words, if an employee has something important to say and other users agree, then the board must respond.

Integrate CxO Connect into your existing HCL Connections / HCL Connections Engagement Center environment

CxO Connect is easy to install and integrate into your existing environment. The integration takes place via HCL Connections (formerly IBM Connections) and HCL Connections Engagement Center (formerly IBM Connections Engagement Center, ICEC). TIMETOACT relies on technologies like Node.js and MongoDB in the backend. CxO Connect will be integrated into your intranet as an independent HCL Connections Engagement Center page. Authentication happens through HCL Connections.

You can use CxO Connect both on premise and as SaaS. Your advantage is that you do not have to worry about the operation and TIMETOACT seamlessly integrates CxO Connect.

You can independently maintain and change content-related adjustments (recipients, new subject areas, etc.). The design of CxO-Connect can be adapted to your HCL Connections Engagement Center design.

CxO Features

  • Authentication through HCL Connections
  • Various filter functions
  • Search
  • Possibility to integrate a live chat
  • Admin area (enter topics, delete posts, archive, address maintenance)
  • multilingualism

CxO Benefits

  • Every employee gets the opportunity to communicate directly with the board in the form of contributions
  • Promoting transparency and employee participation
  • Honest feedback from the employees
  • Employees can address topics and express their opinions, they feel they can make a difference
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the existing communication platform
  • Full customization to your business and needs
  • Fully controlled by users, not moderated

Bring top management and employees in contact: for more transparency in your company

Highly adaptable and easy to implement, CxO Connect is the ideal management tool to move in the direction of a new digital age and to be more transparent.



TIMETOACT is a uniquely positioned full spectrum provider for HCL Connections. TIMETOACT is a HCL Partner with major investment into assets, products and services for HCL Connections. TIMETOACT products for HCL Connections include the Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT) and the Web Content Management Extension (XCC), which was aquired by HCL and is now launched as the HCL Connections Engagement Center. Assets include the User Access Manager (UAM) for internal and external Connections users and the Employee Quick Start Kit. Services include an Admin Training Class ans private cloud hosting. Beyond its own products and services TIMETOACT consults, markets and implements leading products from other vendors such as Kudos from ISW or ProjExec from Trilog Group. TIMETOACT has more than 280 employees and it’s headquater is in Cologne, Germany.

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