User Access Manager (UAM) – for HCL Connections


Manage HCL Connections Users

How do you want a user to sign in for the first time? What options do you want to provide for a user to retrieve a lost password? How can a user change a password? Are there certain codes of conduct you want a user to accept in order to use your services? Our User Access Manager (UAM) helps you managing these tasks.

Our User Access Manager (UAM) for HCL Connections simplifies the access management for external guests and internal users.

Workflow Features
  • Invite External / Guest Users
  • External Users can Register for Access
  • Manage ‘Terms of Use’ Acceptance (for Internal and External Users)
  • Approval Workflow for (Internal and External) Access Requests
  • Terminate Access for Individual Users
  • Change Password (with defined strength)
  • Recovery / Reset Password
  • HCL Connections Registration

    After accepting a code of conduct by your definition a user can register to HCL Connections to obtain access to your system automatically. Via Lotus Notes Client you can revise your defined code of conduct, make edits, add or delete. It is easy and quick to do as our application supports full Rich Text Format (RTF) for your convenience.

    For users the application is entirely accessible via web browser. Solely, configuration is set per Lotus Notes Client. The module is completely internationalized. English and German languages are implemented by default. Additional languages can be added effortlessly.

  • Change Password Option

    This feature allows users to change their password by themselves corresponding to company guidelines regarding its strength, e.g. specifications on length or special characters. The validation of all input is processed in the browser as well as on the server. The new password can be used immediately after the changes.

  • Password Recovery Option

    In case of a forgotten password users can reorder a new one using their user name. This generates an email to the user’s inbox including a link for a password reset. The link can only be used once and expires after a set time. When entering a new password this way all password validations are taken in consideration as well.

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New features in the versions 4.0  to 4.2 

  • Google reCAPTCHA Version 2
  • With new invitations the new external users can be added to an external community immediately
  • For new invitations, an individual expiration date can be defined for the external user, including various reminder e-mails to the admins x days before the expiration date is reached, so that the admins can adjust the expiration date

New features in the versions 3.1 to 3.9

  • Extension of the guidelines (use of term): in case of an updated version, a transition period of X days has been introduced, during which current users can accept the new guidelines before their access is deactivated
  • Extension of the range of functions for administrators, for example resending “set password” mails from the Notes client, deactivating/deleting users from the browser
  • Conversion of all views to XPages including a search field for quick search of external users
  • New, configurable CSV exports of users from the browser
  • Send mass invitations via a new import of external users from a CSV file
  • External users can deactivate themselves
  • Not executed “Forgot password” requests are deleted after x days

Release 3.0, Sept. 2015

Instant Access

  • Invite new users to your IBM Connections based Extranet and grant them access instantly
  • Have users register themselves and grant them access instantly
  • Approve internal invitations or external registrations and grant access instantly

UAM 3.0 eliminates the waiting time for Tivoli Directory Integrator / IBM Connections Profile Synchronization

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As a "HCL Platinum Business Partner" we have years of experience with their tools and will continue to make use of them in the future. We are one of the few partners in Germany with practical experience in the entire portfolio of HCL Digital Solutions and selected middleware topics.

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